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As a trained photographer with a BA in photography, fashion and portrait photography have been my focus for 12 years, both in the UK and in India. I am currently based in Goa.

Tara Louise McManus

My work has been featured in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar India, Vogue, Bangalore Times, Architectural Digest, The Times of India, India Today, and others.

To see some of my photographs, please visit my Instagram page!

"She is professional, full of initiative... and an absolute pleasure to have on set."

"Tara Louise is a woman of many talents, as she celebrates the five senses in her own unique way! Her eye for composition and capturing absolutely the right moment in every photograph is an awesome talent, and she seems to have a Third Eye when it comes to documenting the truth behind a face or fascia. Her work in graphic design has a modern feel that elevates with finesse and simplicity, and when she combines the two it’s simply dynamite! She embodies two cultures, and views one from the perspective of the other to create an unforgettable visual experience!"
Prasad Bidapa Fashion Consultant
"What I love about Tara Mcmanus’s photography is that she brings more than all the elements that make a great image. Yes, there is excellent lighting, framing, putting the subject at ease, but then - there is so much more. Perhaps this is because she is also an artist, who paints as beautifully as she takes a photograph. So her images challenge, subtly. They tell stories. And then of course, because Tara can do both, which is so rare, she also paints her photographs, blurring every line and making me question what I think I know about art, about photography, and I revel in the possibilities."
Oriole Henry Writer & Art Historian
"Tara and I have worked together on and off for many years now, and while I appreciate and love so many talents in this country - I feel as though she understands my aesthetic and vision the most; I trust her eye completely. Even when I turn up at a shoot stressed or anxious, I do feel a sense of relief. Her photographs always seem to capture a mood - whether through chiaroscuro, candidness, or even the evocation of stillness - it’s a mood. I’m looking forward to our next shoot together already!"
Anu Merton Founder of Anu Merton
"I have worked with Tara several times and would highly recommend her for any project. She is professional, full of initiative when things don’t go to plan and an absolute pleasure to have on set. Her perspective as a (very talented) photographer means that she has a full understanding of all aspects of any production. She always goes the extra mile to make sure that things go smoothly. All round top bird!"
Leonie Edwards-Jones Co-founder/director at Neem Tree Productions
"I purchased two copies of the painting Portrait of Teak. The quality of the print is incredible, the colours are so intense and mesmerising. The packaging was immaculately cared for and the shipment, though not super fast, reached its destination. Thank you, Tara, I will certainly purchase more of your works."
Claudia Milan, Italy
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